Book Rambling: Steelheart by Brandon Sanderson

Steelheart_coverTitle: Steelheart

Author: Brandon Sanderson

Series: The Reckoners (Book 1)

Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy, Science Fiction

Publication: September 24, 2013

Rating: ★★★★★

Non Spoilery Review: 

This book was amazing! It was my very first Sanderson novel, and now I see why everyone is crazy about his writing. The world-building and character development in this novel was really well-done.  I loved the twists Sanderson has on the typical superhero/villain archetype and the different powers were interesting to read about.

My favorite characters were probably Prof (Jon), a really great mentor/father figure type, and Cody, who always provided the best comic relief moments.  The plot was really engaging, and there was so much build up to the climax and resolution which did not disappoint at all.  The twists and turns at the end were so fun to read!

Spoiler Filled Review:

Do NOT read this part if you have not read this book yet.  You will be sorely disappointed if you ruin this book.  So many plot twists at the end….

Let’s talk about Megan first.  She was a pretty BAMF throughout the novel, but something about her attitude towards David always bothered me.  When she died towards the end I was dubious if she really died or not since, you know, young adult fantasy novels and death are always tricky. But I did not expect her to be Firefight. That surprised me so much.  Also, speaking of Reckoners who also were Epics…. I knew something was fishy about Prof’s past, but I did not expect him to be an Epic as well (but that first scene where we see him use the tensors was intense), especially since they have always been adamant that good Epics don’t exist. However, I’m excited to see more of Megan since the second novel is named after her.  My crackpot theory: David kept stressing how no one knows an Epic who was a hero and someone good, but since Prof was an Epic who was kind and maybe book 2 is about redeeming Megan? I can only hope.

Also, I have never seen/read someone with as much determination as David.  “…I had a goal. Revenge. Who cared if it would eat me up inside and leave me hollow? So long as it drove me to make life better for everyone else”  That quote of his is pretty intense.  He really dedicated his entire life to destroying the Epics and Steelheart, and the persistence is pretty admirable.

Throughout the whole novel, I also really enjoyed the comedic value intertwined with the high tension of the story.  David’s ridiculous metaphors like “I feel like a brick made of porridge” that everyone made fun of to Cody’s ridiculous talk about bagpipes and leprechauns and “wee dragons”.  This novel was just so wonderfully written and entertaining.  I will definitely be picking up more of Brandon Sanderson’s book like the rest of this series and also the Mistborn series!


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