10 Ways to Get Over Reading Slumps!

Yep. We all experience them, and they suck.  I’ve been in one after reading Game of Thrones and A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness, and all I want to do is watch TV/Movies and sleep.  These slumps are super counterproductive while trying to crush our TBRs or participate in read-a-thons.  Over the years,  I have collected some tips and tricks to get over these slumps (hopefully they work!).

1. Ditch the TBR.  Yeah, I know what you’re thinking, but sometimes when we force ourselves to do something, it becomes not enjoyable.  Instead of allowing reading to become a forced activity, put down the book you are making yourself to read and pick up a guilty pleasure or another book that you want to read instead!

2. Watch BookTube videos.  Often, I am inspired to read more when I see other book lovers talk about their love for books and do fun tag videos and reviews.  As a book blogging community, we tend to support each other in our reading endeavors!

3. Pick up an old favorite.  New series, especially high fantasy ones, take a lot of effort to get into.  We have to learn new characters, figure out how the world works, etc.  During lazy reading slumps, to ensure that we continue to read, pick up an old favorite.  I always go to any of the Harry Potter novels because I know the Wizarding World and its characters by heart, and it is easy for me to dive into one of the books.  I know that the writing will never disappoint and it will always be an entertaining read!

4. Change up your genres. I’ve been reading a lot of fantasy lately and it’s put me in my slump.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the books and the genre, but reading a variety of genres can keep it interesting.  For example, I want to pick up a lighthearted contemporary next to give myself a breather.  Or, if you have been reading lots of contemporary, try mixing it up with a fantasy or mystery novel!

5. Visit a bookstore or library.  Just browse around; you don’t have to buy anything (especially if you are on a book buying ban!), but being around more books can inspire you to pick up a book and start reading again!

6. Watch a movie/TV book adaptation.  Watching an amazing adaptation can inspire me to pick up a book after watching it! Also, this varies your activities so you aren’t just reading book after book which may cause you to get a little tired.

7. Pick up a short/fast paced book.  These types of books won’t take much effort to get through.  However, you get the same feeling of accomplishment after you finish! That should inspire you to read more books because finishing books leaves an amazing feeling!

8. Change up where and how you read. I usually read in my bed with a physical book, but sometimes I like to sit on my deck or read an e-book, and I find that varying it up can help me read more.  Most importantly, be comfortable when you read! Make yourself a cup of tea/coffee/hot chocolate and curl up in those comfortable blankets.  Just don’t fall asleep.

9. Talk to other book lovers. Is a really sad book or a cliffhanger ending putting you in a slump?  Cry about it, rant about, make up crackpot theories about it with other people who have read the book!  We are lucky enough to be gifted with Internet and you can always contact me on Twitter or Goodreads to talk about books!

10. Make time to read.  We all give ourselves excuses for being too busy to read, and this results in reading slumps. Instead, read before bedtime or right after you get up, or set out a specific time for you to read.  Sometimes, the hardest part is getting started in the first place, but once you do get started, get ready to be sucked into the amazing book you are reading.

Just remember, reading is a hobby! Make it enjoyable, and don’t force yourself to write a review or finish a book.  Enjoy what you do!

Stay Awesome,


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