T5W: Favorite Fandoms (January 6th, 2016)

Top 5 Wednesday

I have another Top 5 Wednesday this week!! If you don’t know what this is, Top Five Wednesday was created by Lainey, or Gingerreadslainey. She creates a different topic each week, and BookTubers and Book Bloggers can discuss their favorite (or least favorite book) based off of the topics! The Goodreads group can be found here, feel free to join in!

Today’s topic is very exciting: favorite fandoms! I am a complete fangirl, so this was very hard to narrow down.



I started reading the Hunger Games series right when Catching Fire came out and I fell in love.  Waiting for Mockingjay was one of the hardest waits I’ve ever had, and going to all the movie premieres was amazing.  It was hard to say bye to the franchise in 2015 with the last movie coming out.



Harry Potter – No words needed as an explanation.  I grew up with the books and movies, and I am so glad that they were a part of my childhood.  



I love the BBC Sherlock adaptation so much! It is the king of all cliffhangers and heart stompers.  My favorite character, Moriarty, isn’t even in the picture above, but he is the perfect villain. Sadly I am not part of the other two fandoms in the “Superwholock” fandom, but I’ve heard great things about Supernatural and Doctor Who!

Game of Thrones


Game of Thrones – For now, I only watch the TV show, but I’m slowly making my way through the books.  I absolutely adore this TV series/story.  It’s so complex and a great fantasy world.  It deserves all the hype it gets, in my opinion.  Yes, there’s death, and, yes, there’s the constant fear of your favorites being killed. However, it’s completely worth it. Valar Morghulis.


Because I am a cheater and am very, very bad at choosing between things.  Here is a list of other fandoms I adore:

  • Percy Jackson and the Olympians
  • The Grisha universe
  • Friends (the TV show) (Monica and Chandler forever)
  • The Big Bang Theory
  • Everything Disney related
  • How I Met Your Mother (can you tell I like sit-coms?)
  • Phantom of the Opera (not sure if this is a fandom, but my fav. musical)



What are some of your favorite fandoms? Link me your posts/answers!

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